Hello World

Let me introduce myself

If you would have told me 2 years ago how difficult it would be to start an industrial controls company, I never would have started. Sleepless nights in the lab, more money than I care to admit, and a non existent social life are all things that I have come to accept. But we aren’t here to sit around a fire and sing kum-baya, we are here after all to introduce the world’s most complete, end-to-end industrial analytics platform!

Who we are

Adam and I have been friends since the 2nd grade, growing up in the “enchanting” suburbia of Louisville, Kentucky. After undergrad we reconnected on a volunteer trip to Havana, Cuba in the summer of 2017, and over a mojito in the historic district as 1950s Chevys guzzled by, the concept for Nimbus was born.

I had been working at Rockwell Automation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a hardware dev engineer while Adam had been working as a software engineer on various multinational projects. I discussed with him my vision for a single, integrated, point of reference product for applications in industrial automation. 

After working out of my Grandpa’s garage, we presented our first prototype at the electrical engineering symposium at UK, consisting of reading a simple thermocouple into a rudimentary dashboard. 

Since then we have grown leaps and bounds. Over the past 2 years we have discussed with industry experts, everywhere from Wisconsin to Florida in efforts to develop the best possible product. We have developed patent pending technology across our hardware and software platforms that are disruptive in the space.  We now have a team of excellent engineers and business gurus that help us execute our vision, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the future will bring. 

I hope you find the blog fun and useful while giving you a clear picture of what we bring to the table! Feel free to comment, leave questions, or disagree with any of our points!

As we move forward, here are a few ground rules for the blog:

  1. It will be fun.
    • The industrial controls online community (while filled with great people) can sometimes be dry and flat out boring. This blog will be informal as we try to convey trends we are seeing in the industry, how our product may or may not address them, or anything else you find interesting!
  2. Truthful
    • Yes we are biased towards our product, but we aren’t here to make false promises. We want you to make the best decision for your process or plant.  
  3. At heart we are engineers, but will try not to get to technical
    • It’s something I work on consistently, but I have been told that I do digress when talking about our technology! We want the blog to be useful to everyone from industrial automation rookies to the seasoned vet.
  4. Frequency
    • We will try to make it a habit to post things biweekly and respond to your comments/questions soon after you post. We don’t underestimate the importance of the blog, and want it to be a thriving place where us automation junkies can collaborate.

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  1. I’m impressed with the team’s credentials and I know how important putting together a great team is…..And the product is Excellent!

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